How to boost Banner Ad Click-Through Rates

Do you use banner ads on your company’s website?

If so then one of the important factors to look for in banner reports is the click through rate (CTR). In particular you should consider the CTRs of various ads so you can figure out whether or not you should keep using them. Here are some tips:

1. Don’t overdo it on colors or text
It’s important for your banner ad to be easy to read/understand. So the key is to avoid adding too much text or too many colors. The ad shouldn’t include a lot of information or tons of colors. If you avoid such features it will help to make your banner ads more effective.

2. Use high quality pictures
If you want more people to click on your banner ads this is definitely a step you should take. Today visuals are more important than ever. That includes ones like images and videos. IT’s critical to use quality images that are easy for viewers to see. This in turn will add value to the ad and make it more likely to get high click-through rates. Meanwhile, the opposite would likely be true if you used low-quality images.

There’s the issue of the higher cost for higher images. Is it worth it? If you want to greatly boost the web traffic your website gets then you should definitely consider the investment in high-quality images. In fact, the cost is definitely worth it if since it can help to greatly improve your return on investment (ROI). Make sure to remember it’s indeed an investment rather than expense.

3. Think about your readers
When you build banner ads you should try to think as if you were the visitor/customer. It’s one thing for them to see the ad. However, your goal will be to have them click on the ads. A big mistake many companies make with banner ads is creating ones they like. However, a better approach is to put yourself in the shoes of the customers. How likely would they be to click on the ad when seeing it? If you take this step your company will be more likely to develop ads with higher click-through rates.

4. Use large blocks of data
This might be surprising since smaller blocks are usually easier to read. In fact, it’s usually a good idea to include quality images to make the banner ad more effective. So what’s this all about? Today’s netizens are looking for something fresh and new instead of what just about every other site is using.

What’s the effect of using big chunks of data? This helps to get the attention of the person. It also helps to offer more details about the company’s product/service. It also provides more info in a way that’s user-friendly. This will make it more likely for someone to click on the ad. That’s because the situation is unique.

These are some helpful tips to boost the click-through rates of your banner ads. That can help to produce more leads, sales, and profits.