Types of Banner Ads

Do you want to add banner ads to your web pages?

If so then one of the key issues to consider is the various options you have. There’s multiple kinds of online banners and here are some of the main ones:

1. Static Banner
This type of design is usually a single frame that has an image/catch phrase. Such ads get right to the point and include a call to action that’s subtle. Meanwhile, one line of copy/text has the one purpose of staying in the minds of your target audience.

Several business sites use static banner ads. That’s because they work well with a web page’s overall layout/tone. Many of them are slowly using media designs that are rich including animation and flash methods. They’re also growing quickly in various media industries throughout the world.

These banners provide many benefits. For example, static banners can be cost-effective marketing methods for products/services.

2. Animated GIF banner
This type of banner is made within a GIF file format. How do they work? A group of frames that are typically single images get played in a series. An important feature is GIFs can support a total of 256 colors that are web-safe.

Do you want to get the best effect and results? If that’s the case then it’s important to build them within the options of 256 colors. If you take this step the ad will look best on all display screens. It’s a good idea for photos that you add to GIF animations to be seen first on a monitor with low resolution before they’re later used within a banner ad. What’s the reason? Photos have a big amount of colors so the appearance might not be as good an image with 256 colors.

Why should you consider this type of banner ad? There are various reasons. For example, GIF file formats consist of web publishers that used widely and web publisher- supported. In addition, Gif animation is often one of the cheapest options for small businesses that want to market with campaigns that include banner ads.

3. Flash Banner
This type of banner ad has resulted in multi-media content, which has resulted in banner ad campaigns being designed. Various types of special effects can be designed via flash. Some examples include quality graphics, color contrast, etc. This results in a look and feel that’s easier for the viewer. What exactly is Flash? It’s a program that’s vector-based. It results in images that are smoother than animated GIFs.

There are many benefits of banner ads that you should consider when picking a type of banner ad. They include them being interactive. They motivate the viewer to interact with the message and ad. The flash banner functions well with viewers in the case that interaction is important. That’s because people can place their mouse over the advertisement and click on links.

These are some of the most common types of banner ads you can add to your website. Which ones will you try first?